John S. Sundsmo, Ph.D.

P.O. Box 927,
Sausalito, CA. 94966.
TEL: 760-994-7028



Board Positions
Board Member, Drug Risk Solutions, Saratoga Springs, NY (1999-2001) – testing, drugs of abuse
Board Member, International Medical Innovations, Birmingham, AL (1999-2001) – Parkinson’s
Chairman of the Board, TransCell Therapeutics, Inc., Nashville, TN (2001-2003) –inflammation
Board Member, BioCom, San Diego, CA – the biotech industry organization (2008-2009)

Biopharmaceutical Positions (1983-2012)

Vice President, R&D and Intellectual Property


Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (2010- 2012)

    • Product Area: KLH immune status diagnostics and vaccine carriers
    • Joining as a business consultant through the NSF business Innovation Accelerator, immediate recognized needs included establishing an intellectual property (IP) platform and IP strategy supportive of business development and private financings; which transitioned rapidly to Acting-COO responsibilities for managing day-to-day new product development initiatives, liaison with the Bayer Innovation Group (Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Wuppertal, DE) and translation and scale-up of the first new manufacturing process campaign; with subsequent (more recent) redirected business needs next including intellectual property portfolio development, extramural scientific liaison and support of business development in negotiating terms of collaborative agreements, contracts, MTAs, CDAs; and with grant writing designed to promote the company’s position in the science and promote relationships with customers, the scientific, business and investment communities, all in support of follow-on financings for this now publicly traded small-cap company.



PrimeGen Biotech, LLC, Irvine, CA (2007-2009)

    • Stem cell regenerative medical products: iPS cells, adipose derived and germ line
    • Joining as a Director of Intellectual Property, within four months approached by the Chairman of the Board to assume responsibilities as President, successfully managed a skilled team of hard-working talented stem cell scientists in a successful international competition to be first to translate viral-induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS) technologies into non-viral safe clinical alternatives; and to be the first to isolate human testis germ line stem cells; while preserving morale during a significant staff down-sizing from 45 to 26 and managing budgets ($6M/yr), building an intellectual property strategy, drafting patents and conducting business development liaison partnering initiatives in the US, UK, Italy and Germany for manufacturing stem cell clinical supplies in UK and Switzerland with clinical trials in the UK and Italy.
      Business Summary

Chief Executive Officer

TransCell Therapeutics, Inc., Nashville, TN  (2002-2006)

    • Cell penetrable peptide-based non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents to inhibit karyopherin-mediated nuclear translocation of pro-inflammatory transcription factors
    • Treatments for age-related macular degeneration
    • Liaison: Univ. of Miami and Indiana University Medical Schools
    • Corporate Summary

Chief Science Officer

International Medical Innovations, Birmingham, AL – (1998-2004)

Co-Founder, Director, Intellectual Property and Senior Scientist

Phage Therapeutics, Inc., Bothell, WA – (1997-2001)

    • Bacteriophage biopharmaceutical agents for treating multi-drug resistant Staphylococcal, Pseudomonas and Mycobacterial agents
    • Liaison: Georgian Academy of Sciences and Eliava Institute(T’blisi)

RACE Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Bothell, WA – (1996-2001)

    • Small molecule anti-fungal agents in-licensed from the DuPont-Merck joint venture

VP Research & Product Development

Lifetrac Corporation, Irvine, CA – (1988-1989)

    • Dx/Rx Type-1 insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM)
    • Personalized Oncology Diagnostics
    • Liaison: Toronto University, University of Chicago


Extramural Research, Triton Biosciences Div. Shell Oil, Alameda, CA – (1987-1988)

    • Rx Oncology drug development candidates
    • Liaison: University of Iowa, Dartmouth University, University of Chicago, University of California

Senior Scientist

Collagen Corporation, Palo Alto, CA – (1986-1987)

    • Zyderm, Injection medical device


Product Development, Synbiotics Corporation, San Diego, CA – (1984-1986)

    • Veterinary immunodiagnostics
    • Liaison: DuPont de Nemours; American Home Products

Recent Community Service
NSF SBIR Study Section Peer Reviewer: Drug Development, Diagnostics and Medical Devices, Technology Development, Drug Screening  (2008-present).
NSF Innovation Accelerator, Business Development Mentor (2009-2010).

Professional Organizations
American Association of Immunologists (1979-present)

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